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Sunday, 6 April 2014

What you believe you achieve

My young son made a profound decision last night as we watched The Voice, the singing show.
“When I grow up”, he decided “I am going to be a judge on The Voice because they look like they have so much fun”.
Ok, possibly a tad unrealistic or is it? The fact is none of us know what opportunities are going to arise for us on our journey through life. The truth is that many of us, as adults, close the door on them. We have this long internal list of why things shouldn’t work, couldn’t work, won’t happen. We think we don’t deserve it, couldn’t achieve it, wouldn’t be able to sustain it and out of fear we turn away with a “it wouldn’t have worked out anyway” shrug.
I love having a young child in the house. It’s a great reminder every day to live in the moment. They believe good things will happen to them every day and you know what? They usually do.

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