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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Create a vision board - create your future

“The action of Mind plants that nucleus which, if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually attract to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in outward visible form.” Thomas Troward
I had great fun yesterday afternoon when I spent a few hours focusing positive energy into achieving my goals.
The Law of Attraction is not a new idea, the phrase has been the basis of many books since the early 1900’s. 
As everything is energy it follows that focusing on negative thoughts will bring negative results. Thankfully it also follows that by throwing out positive energy you can help to shape your own reality.
Author Napoleon Hill published a book in1937 which insisted thoughts have the ability to attract other thoughts and learning to control one’s thoughts can result in manifesting what you want into a physical form. Very cool.
I have found one of the best ways to do this is through a vision board. 
Having a visual aid of what you want your future to consist of can add clarity to desire and ensure your chosen images are firmly lodged in the subconscious. 
Think about it. Everything manmade in our world started off as the seeds of creation in someone’s mind and no matter how unachievable they were told their goals were and regardless of the opinions of others, through belief and determination these ideas became a reality.
Ready to go grab the future you want? 
To make a board spend some time gathering images, headlines and random words; anything that catches your eye in a magazine (or print from online). Be completely open and do this from the heart. Be guided by your inner knowing. If an image provokes a positive feeling in your body cut it out. Leave your head out of it. Yes it’s easy to want a new house, car and loads of money but these probably aren’t the things that will really offer you sustainable happiness once the high has worn off.
Don’t try to analyse too much what the stuff you are gathering means at this stage. 
After you have a substantial pile get your piece of board ready and go through again discarding anything that doesn’t resonate as strongly with you this time around.
Glue what’s left onto your board and leave it somewhere you can see it every day.
Don’t worry if some of the images don’t make sense to you at this stage. Be patient and wait and see what happens, it should all become clear.
Alternatively you can make a board specific to goals you already have in mind, using inspirational quotes as well as images.
I would love to see pictures of your finished boards.