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Monday, 20 May 2013

It's the simple things

“Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better”. Albert Einstein

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. 

I explained to my family and friends beforehand that although I was grateful for the thoughtfulness of gifts I really didn’t feel I needed any more ‘stuff’. I am completely content with my life and I thought nothing I received materially could enhance the day-to-day happiness I feel.

Ummm it turns out I was wrong.

My children bought me a bird feeder for the garden as my old bird table was too rotten to move when we relocated last year. It has a steady stream of winged visitors and has had the whole family completely captivated.

I have passed many an hour (hence the lack of blogging lately) sitting peacefully in a chair observing the habits of our feathered friends.

There is the huge pigeon who regularly lands with such a thud in the water bowl he capsizes the whole feeder (inspiring my son to draw a no pigeons allowed sign now stuck in the window); to the sparrows who drop seeds to our eagerly awaiting spaniel.

We are now making our own fatballs (boy can those birds eat) and this simple gift has bought me more joy than any designer handbag or diamond jewelry could do.

The best things in life really are (virtually) free.

Monday, 6 May 2013

People are inherently good

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men".  
Herman Melville.

I recently moved from a small friendly village to a big, impersonal town. I have to be honest, it was a big upheaval.

Relocating from somewhere with such a strong sense of community to a place where people drive everywhere and appear to not know their neighbours was slightly disheartening. 

Last week I stopped at the shops at the end of my road to buy a loaf of bread. Usually I go to the nearest supermarket but on this occasion I was really pushed for time and thought this would be the quickest option.

I had, luckily, got out of my car when a speeding car came past smashing into the car next to me and then crashing into mine. The young, inexperienced driver drove off straight away leaving me shocked and a bit bewildered as to what to do next.

Within minutes I was surrounded by people from both the shops and the flats above them. Numerous people had written down the numberplate for me, one called the police, another went to check if the CCTV camera had recorded it and one kind lady said I could wait in her flat and offered to make me tea.

I was literally overwhelmed by kindness and hang on steadfastly to my belief that people are inherently good. A fact it is so easy to lose sight of with the hundreds of media reports each week implying otherwise.

Initially I was sad there was nothing beautiful about where I am now living but I was wrong. The people are. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Spreading joy to the world

“Peace begins with a smile.”   Mother Teresa

This 54ft rubber duck, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hoffman has been titled 'Spreading joy around the world'.

Florentijn created this giant inflatable as he wants to help people reconnect with their childhood and make them smile. He explains "My sculptures give people a break from their daily routines. Passers-by stop in front of them and enter into conversation with other spectators. People are making contact with each other again".

I love this simple yet effective way to brighten someones day. I believe most people would find such a sight uplifting. It's great that it's made from recycled material too.

As Florentijn explains on his website "The rubber duck knows no frontiers, it doesn't discriminate against people and doesn't have a political connotation".

The duck has so far stopped at Sydney, Hong Kong, Osaka and Auckland and is rumoured to be heading the US next (it is deflated for transportation).

Joy is lovely to feel and even better to share. Thank you Florentijn.