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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Schoolboy leads with kindness

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”.  William Arthur Ward

Josh Yandt and his family were relieved to move to Ontario to escape the relentless bullying Josh endured at school owing to his lisp. Making a conscious decision not be remain invisible during his fresh start Josh started holding the door open and greeting his schoolmates. Initially shocked it wasn’t long before the teenagers started greeting him back and appreciating the gesture each day. 

Josh’s Mum reports that whereas Josh was always very withdrawn at home and never wanted to go to school, he has had a complete turnaround and is eager to attend each morning.

There have been various responses to this story online with a minority expressing a concern that Josh may feel this is all he is good for after being bullied. 

Josh himself has stated that he is happy and has not been bullied at his new school. He said that he wants to make a difference and it is clear he has achieved this. 

Other students have been filmed saying since Josh joined and started holding doors open and acknowledging them they are far more willing to approach people they don’t know and the whole school is a much happier, more sociable environment. When a student recently dropped all his files in the hall rather than walking over or around the papers a flurry of kids all helped to pick them up.

Josh has now been voted student with the best personality and Prom King. 

Kindness breeds kindness. Be kind. Always.

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