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Monday, 1 April 2013

10 reasons you should be K-I-S-S-I-N-G

1.  Kissing increases the body’s level of ocytocin (a natural calming chemical) which reduces anxiety. 
2.  Kissing can equate to a surgery free face lift tightening 30 muscles each time you lock lips.

3.  Kissing can burn off 2-6 calories a minute; not much? Depends how long you smooch for.

4.  Kissing makes us feel desirable thus increasing our self-esteem.

5.  Kissing can boost immunity, the bugs swapped from mouth to mouth makes our immune systems more resilient.

6.  Kissing increases endorphins which fight pain, along with making you feel happy.

7.  Kissing relieves stress by lowering your body’s stress hormone (cortisol).

8.  Kissing creates adrenaline which causes your heart to pump more blood around your body making it great for cardiovascular health.

9.  Kissing for thirty minutes of reduces levels of IgE (an allergy antibody) increasing your body’s resistance.

10. Kissing, as all the best things in life, is free :-)

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