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Friday, 5 September 2014

Make your own Almond Milk

It is super easy to make your own almond milk with a little forward planning.  Loaded with minerals, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium - this dairy free milk also tastes delicious.
To make you will need 1.5 cups of raw almonds and a straining bag. (Most people used blanched almonds but I don't worry as you strain it all at the end anyway).
Soak the almonds in water to soften - overnight is best but at least 4 hours.
Strain the water from the almonds and place in blender with 1 cup of water. 


Blend until they become a smooth paste (this doesn't take long at all). Don't worry too much about the appearance at this stage. This is particularly unattractive as the almonds weren't blanched.
Add another 3 cups of water and blend again until smooth and frothy.

Now you can, if you wish, add something to sweeten the milk and give another blitz (i.e a couple of dates, cinnamon, honey, syrup or vanilla). I personally sweeten mine when I wish to drink but leave unsweetened in the fridge so I can cook savoury sauces with it. 
Strain (I use a jam straining bag).  You can (just) see the skins are retained in the bag.

Bottle and enjoy. IMG_3239

Store the milk in the fridge until you want to use. I freeze some too (remember not to overfill containers as will explained a little when frozen).

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