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Thursday, 22 November 2012

10 great things before breakfast

I was speaking with my cousin in Texas last night about Thanksgiving and how excited she was and I know my family Stateside will be celebrating with loved ones and enjoying the togetherness whilst devouring their veritable feast.

I woke up today feeling quite strange. I miss my family that are far away and this, coupled with the fact I haven’t been well for a while,led me to a rare case of ‘feelingsorryformyselfitis’.

At times like these I really have to make a conscious decision to practice an attitude of gratitude, so before I even got out of bed I compiled a list of ‘great things that have happened today before I even getup’.

1)   My 6 year old son came and told me he loved me.
2)   I have nettle tea to drink which will smooth my inflammation.
3)   My amazing partner bought me some breakfast.
4)   I have a nice warm comfortable bed to lie in.
5)   I can hear my family laughing in the kitchen.
6)   The sound of the rain on the window but I felt really snuggly.
7)   Friends that care, I received a text asking how I was early this morning.
8)   Our dog bought me the greatest gift ever (in her eyes) of a squeaky ball.
9)   I have the luxury of a slower start being self-employed.
10) Hugs from my children before school.

This is such a great exercise to do if you are feeling down. If 10 amazing things can happen before I get up I can easily release any (false) expectations that today may be a bad day. After all we get back what we put out there energetically. I now feel excited at the possibilities the rest of my day holds. 

One of my favourite proverbs is “give thanks for a little and you will find a lot”. It’s so true. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Sometimes we need to just open our eyes and see.

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