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At The Happy Starfish we are dedicated to providing a wealth of information, products, workshops and articles all aimed at celebrating health, happiness and peaceful living. We believe that life should be an awesome adventure filled with love; love life and life will love you back. Are you willing to surrender what you think you are for what you could become? Are you ready?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Feeling The Love...

Wow, amazing what you can achieve in 24 hours! The idea for The Happy Starfish website and products was born about a week ago but it wasn't until yesterday we decided to start pulling it together. Thanks to an amazingly quick local printers who turned around our cards in 24 hours and lovely patient children who have 'endured' take-outs for 2 nights in a row, it's fair to say we are pretty pleased with the result so far. The messages and emails we have received have been overwhelmingly supportive and I can't wait to carry on with this new chapter and see where it leads.

Spreading the love, 

Louise xx

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